Custom designed crates and packing are some of our specialties. Although the main goal is safety, our experienced staff will consult with our clients to suggest any alternate economic crating solutions to fit your requirements. We utilize the latest and most sophisticated materials for wrapping and fabricating to provide your pieces with maximum protection. Crates are designed to the specifications of each object they are built to contain to ensure safe travel to multiple venues. These crates feature built-in frameworks, padding and hardware as well as custom cribbing, carriages, supports, and cushioning where needed. Crates can be packed using archival materials, water proofing, and fitted with custom interiors, such as slotted, tray packed, or drawers. All crates are custom built, from the simple to the complex, and are painstakingly designed and constructed to ensure maximum protection, safe handling and transport of their contents.

Richard Wright Inc Will Protect Your Piece

We offer a full set of services from transport, to installation, to storage, in order to keep your artwork in its finest condition.